MARIA JOÃO PITA ¶ architecture + urban
[2001 - 2002]architecture project 1: a THEATRE ACADEMY
WHERE Lisboa, Portugal WHAT transform
a parking lot into a theatre academy,
a residence, a school and a theatre box
HOW discover directions, circulations
and movements which work with the
pre-existences and which are able to

organize the new programme and the

given place FOR WHOM for theatre
students, teachers, guests and city
users PROPOSAL work the functional
programme plus the surroundings to
materialize a concept of movement.
the methamorphose concept transform the place according the movement of the bodies in the space
[1][2][3][4][5][pdf1][pdf2][pdf3][pdf4]project coordination .:. Arch. R. Hestnes Ferreira and Arch. Bernardo Miranda