MARIA JOÃO PITA ¶ architecture + urban
[2003 - 2004]architecture and urban design project at PAR _fb15 _TUDarmstadt . DE
WHERE 1ha square, 7 sites in Chile, South America,
7 climates, 7 groups of 150 families, and 1 low
cost solutionWHAT based on ELEMENTAL
COMPETITION: a settlement scheme which costs
costs 7500$ per familyHOW a FLEXIBLE PLAN
which can interact wih the abstract geomerty of
the given 1ha square and with the geometry of
each situation.SOLUTION 1 block
of rules VS endless urban structures.
looking for a draw defined by the human appropriation in space and time ¶ endless combinations
[1][2][pdf1]based on ELEMENTAL competition: coordination .:. Prof. Dr. Kosta Mathéy, Dipl.-Ing. E. Kögel